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The Onyx Group is a law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of Landlords and Business Owners. 


  • How Long Will My Eviction Take?
    I Know You Won't Like This Answer, but It Depends. It depends on whether the defendant fights us or not. It depends on the judge assigned to the case. Some judges are notorious for taking a very long time to sign very basic orders that move cases along. Also it depends on how many eviction cases the county sheriff is handling at that moment. On many occasions, our firm is done doing everything we had to do, and the case is over but the tenants are still in the property because the sheriff's office is so backed up on playing their part
  • I Don't Have Any Documentation Regarding the Lease, Can I Still Evict Someone?"
    Most Times Yes. We use the best evidence that you have in order to ensure that your tenant is evicted as swiftly as possible. To date, this has not been fatal to any of our cases.
  • If Someone Destroys My Property Can I Sue Them?
    Yes. This is a matter separate from your eviction case. After you have regained possession of your property, you have every right to use your tenant's security deposit and to pursue another civil action to recover the money necessary to make any repairs to your property.
  • I Pay for Utilities for the Property, Can I Shut Them Off if My Tenant Does Not Pay Rent?"
    No. The law strictly prohibits you from doing so. You can review what it says for yourself regarding this matter in Florida Statute chapter 83.
  • How Much are Court Costs and Fees
    It depends. Many tenants move out without a fight because they know that they are clearly in the wrong. Some tenants have nowhere else to go, or simply enjoy living rent free as long as possible. Those tenants wait until the sheriff shows up at their door. Obviously it costs more to see the process through to the end because each step of the process carries an additional cost. That being said, we have found that costs and fees for cases range from between $75-$600 depending on the facts of the case.
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