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The Onyx Group is a law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of Landlords and Business Owners. 




This is How You Should Evict
Your Non-Paying Tenants


At The Onyx Group, we work with one aim in mind - to help landlords troubled with their tenants with a proper resolution. This resolution can be making the tenants pay rent on time and in full, ensuring that they don’t trouble the locality, and evicting them when they just don’t seem to care. If there’s trouble, our Broward County real estate attorneys will make it go away!

Our non-paying tenants attorney in Orange County will sit with you to discuss your situation in more detail before offering their assistance.

And don’t worry, you are not the only one troubled by tenants. Over the years, our landlord tenant lawyers in Orange County, Florida have come across several tenants who have created problems for their landlords. So, we already know what works to may your non-paying tenants pay, tone down their noise, or even evict your house, as needed.

Be assured that everything The Onyx Group does for you is bound within the state and federal laws and regulations.

Why You Should Hire Us

No matter what happens, do not engage your tenant in an argument or a scuffle with you. That will only help them more than you. Instead, call our residential tenant attorney in Orange County and let them do the talking instead.

We ensure that the outcome of every case comes out in your favor. This is only achieved when the details shared with us are authentic and in full. So, while you are talking to us, ensure that you do not withhold any detail.

Call our experts today to discuss further.

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