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The Onyx Group is a law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of Landlords and Business Owners. 




Protecting Landlords, Evicting Non-Paying Tenants

For property owners who are not swift in dealing with non-paying tenants, rentals can often feel like a leaky old tugboat. Revenues start to take on water and profits sink to the ocean depths. 

Anytime a tenant is not paying rent and remains in a property one day longer than they should, ownership feels the sting of the red ink starting to creep into their ledgers.


The Onyx Group understands this very well and has built our firm on the one thing that our clients care about, which is removing non-paying tenants as fast as the law will allow, and getting incredible, paying tenants into their property so that their assets can resume being assets rather than liabilities. That is all we care about because that is all owners care about. 


We have spent years carefully crafting a strategy that does just that, and in the process, we have a rate of success that keeps our clients happy. 


Let us help you remove headache tenants quickly and efficiently so that you can make money from your properties. 

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