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The Onyx Group is a law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of Landlords and Business Owners. 




Don’t Let Your Tenants Get Away with Everything  Hire Seasoned Lawyers Today

Your tenants are miscreants who cause regular troubles for the entire locality. Worse, they don’t pay heed to your warnings. They won’t even pay their rent on time! They would argue with you now and then. They also damage your property all the time and have the audacity to pin the blame for it on you!

What do you do to such ungrateful tenants? You must hire one of the leading Broward County real estate attorneys and have your tenants evicted immediately.

At The Onyx Group, we have the expertise needed to evict your non-paying miscreant tenants as soon as possible under the law. We can help because we have seasoned landlord tenant lawyers in Broward County, Florida working for us. Our experts can always find a solution for your tenant problem and help you achieve it in no time! If you don’t like it, we will always have a backup solution ready for you too!

You Need to Hire Us More Than You Think

Why should you seek the help of a non-paying tenants attorney in Broward County? Should you ask your tenant directly to leave or pay up rent whenever they are late? You could, but it wouldn’t be as productive. You may even get into an argument that your tenant can use against you.

Do not give them that chance. Instead, get in touch with our leading Broward County real estate attorneys and let them handle everything instead.

Give us a call and speak to our residential tenant attorney in Broward County today to get started.

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