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The Onyx Group is a law firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of Landlords and Business Owners. 





Helping Immigrant Business Owners and Families


You have come to the United States seeking more opportunities for your business and your family.  The Onyx Group has extensive experience helping individuals, owners and investors gain legal entry into the US.


We understand the legal and cultural barriers to entry faced by many immigrants who are seeking to live, work and invest in this country.  You may be coming to the United States to expand your business, investment opportunities, find better education for your children, seek refuge from political corruption or an escape from civil unrest.  No matter the reason, our experienced team is available to you. 

While our team has years of experience helping business owners and families get the appropriate paperwork to enter the US, we know that moving to a new country requires so much more than visas.  We go beyond the immigration process to assist our clients in finding: 

  • A Realtor 

  • A Banker 

  • An Accountant 

  • An Insurance Agent 

  • A Quality School(s) 

  • And more! 

As we work to ensure that you are legally able to call the U.S. home, we take the time to connect you with a full network of trusted professionals who can help you begin to rebuild your life here.

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